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Centre for Investigation Research and Learning
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Job Status: Open
No of Vacancies: 7
Date Posted: February 27, 2017
Expiry Date: 2017-03-31
Job Type: Part Time
Job Level: Entry level
Years of Experience: 1
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Salary Type: Volunteer
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The Centre for Investigation Research and Learning is currently seeking a social media moderator to join our public relations team and facilitate public engagement across the centres’ social media presence in the challenging and competitive non-profit industry across a virtualized office environment.

Who we are:

The Centre for Investigation Research and Learning is a non-profit which aims to improve quality of life and safety across communities by promoting education alongside increased scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. With a focus on evidence based reasoning, the Centre seeks to contribute to, strengthen and influence political policy objectives across all levels of government with particular regard to education, consumer protections and the STEM fields.


  • Collaborate with organisation units to produce engaging social media content
  • Moderate social media presence to promote brand identity and community guidelines
  • Produce bimonthly written reports to the Public Relations Manager regarding analysis of moderation
  • Suggest improvements to community guidelines and social media policies
As a social media moderator you will possess strong interpersonal and professional qualities while multitasking in a deadline driven environment.

Experience requirements:

  • A professional communication style, combined with excellent written skills
  • Excellent client relationship building skills
  • A proactive approach and demonstrable problem solving ability
  • A self-motivated quality enabling you to work independently
  • Proven ability to analyse analytic data to produce accurate reports

Desired Skills:

The successful candidate will have the ability to collaborate and prioritise tasks while delivering a focus to engaging customer service, leveraging technological assets to achieve goals across the virtualised office environment.

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